About Us

A three piece Blues unit consisting of Tommy "Wildman" Baize on guitar and vocals, Jeff "Perkdaddy" Perkins on bass and vocals, and Chuck "Animal" McCane on drums, Fuzzy Catfish covers a broad spectrum of Blues that any true lover of the Blues will appreciate. Soulful, gut wrenching vocals, impeccable musicianship, and a high energy stage show are what you can expect from a Fuzzy Catfish Show. 

Guitarist Tommy Baize, who grew up in West Virginia, cut his teeth on classic Country and Rock and is a stellar performer whose onstage energy is second to none. After moving to Pittsburg and fielding some of the areas top groups for years, Tommy found himself in Ky, where his talent has brought him to the forefront of that areas music scene. You may just look up onstage to see Tommy playing the guitar with his teeth, or a music stand....or he may be out in the crowd interacting with the patrons. He is definitely an entertainer you will never forget. 

Jeff Perkins, a life-long native of Ky, has traveled the world working for the Department of Defense to provide entertainment for our troops. He has also traveled extensively in the States with several artists, bringing his unique style of bass playing and powerful vocals to audiences from West Virginia to Nevada, and South Dakota, to Key West. Also a talented front man, Jeff keeps the show rolling with witty repartee and a bass style that is in the pocket when it needs to be, and over the top when it has to be. Together with Tommy, Jeff is at his best as the pair compliment each other like hand in glove. 

Bringing the back beat and solid pocket to the band, is another Ky native, Mr. Chuck McCane. Chuck started playing percussion while he was still in grade school, and played in several award winning marching band units. After graduating high school, Chuck was picked for several top local and regional bands to hold the rhythm with his smooth, solids style, and heavy back beat. The perfect compliment to Tommy and Jeff, chuck compliments each performer with his solid mastery of the drum kit. 

Come on out and get you a big heapin' helpin of Fuzzy Catfish the next time they are in your area and CATCH THE BLUES!!!!!